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Prop Fabrication, Production and Set Design, Weapons Master, Drafting, Extras Wrangling,  Historical Research, Texas Notary  Have RV and Kit  will travel.

Member I.A.T.S.E. Local 484

Bob Crain 
 ....Locations, Scout, Actor, 2nd A.D., Production,
                   .Prop and Set Designer 
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Modern Agriculture for Brouton Stroube Studios. 

David Niles Freedom Hall George Bush library at SMU Dallas

2015 Scout Location Manager : Whole Foods market for The Bees and Honey

Just too dang many to list.... Please call now. 512 335 5253

Production Manager :
30 Episodes of season one of Ain't it Cool with Harry Knowles,  Here is the Montage ...
Ain't it Cool ? !

directed By
Brett Hart
production design by the amazing Suzette Soucie

'12 Six Episodes of
"Ain't It Cool" with Harry Knowles.   Set dresser, Fixer   For The Nerdist Channel

'12 Hit webisode for Ain't It Cool  
Episode 1   Many more to come.

'11 Levis  Film Location Scout
'11 American Express Scout
'11 Bunch of other feature Stuff
'11  Patient 41  a Horror Film by
Marko Slavnic Art Director
'10   WE WON! $110,000 1st place!  
The Man Who Never Cried a Doorpost film
    Scout & Location Manager
'10 Spark Energy Scout....
'10 Austin High comedy feature  Prop Designer, Prop Master, VOC actor
'09 shot by LCRA in Bob's cove at the lake 
Whippoorwill Cove 
'09 ATT scout
'09 Ford Scout PM
'09 Tv Fast Sales Scout Opfer              
'09 World Wildlife Fund WWF
"Lake Impacts" AD Locations
'08 The Ascent feature, Locations, and at large art dept. Set photos
'08 Clean Coal Synthetic Pictures
'08 Time Warner Cable  Manu Ginobli commercial 1st Ad 
'08 Time Warner "Reflections" Scout, manager
'07 National, Honda / Acura
RPA & dam Prod.  UPM and 1st AD
'07 Vogue Italy   Shasha Pivoravanova
'06-07- Too many to list!
'06  Tilson Homes  Planet Central 
'05 Ford Southwest  Apollo Films ...Scout
'04 2nd AD International documentary
'04  Socal Productions ORANGE, Scout
'04  Pablo Montero , 1st AD
'04  Westside Studio  "Crop Circles" for Mulino Bianco Print, Scout
'04, Neverstop Productions,for Microsoft, 2d AD Locations,set design and drafting,
'04, American Girl Dolls, for Provideo.. 2nd AD Sets, props. Bear Wrangler,etc.
'04,  Spot Films..Louisville Baptist Hospital, Location Stylist, PA, Talent
‘03, Midway Games...Scout
‘03, Ford Canada...1st AD,props,set design
‘02, Twist Film..Allied Insurance, Scout, production, set design
'02, Dodge, new model year, print, Scout, set design, multi unit, 20+ Locations
'02, Special Olympics, Proctor & Gamble, Locations Scout
'02, Woodrow Wilson Institute, science fiction writers interviews, Director, Video
'02, Several music videos, Producer, Director
'01, Jeep, Stylist, Scout, Locations... set design, make up wardrobe, props
'01, Cosmic Rough Rider music video, Locations,1st AD, Casting
'00, Jeep, BWC, Location Stylist
 Other productions: MTV...Global Grooves, Buick, Goodyear Tires, Chrysler, Kikoman, BMG Latin Records, Sony Records,   Elma Garcia Films United States Army Reserve,

Countless Music Videos
 with Artattackfilms
Special Skills:  Small Arms weapons expertise, Ballroom Dancing, heavy equipment, sailing ,motorcycling, water skiing, archery, fencing / sword, body building, skydiving, carpentry/set and prop construction lead, mechanic, re en actor 1836 - 1900, horseman, magic, tennis, golf, Spam Toss, all non-armchair sports, stunt driver.

GREAT Crew list available.

Rolling Stock: 21 ft Van/ RV (stealthy), 6x10 production trailer with inventory, (2) 4x4 trucks, Mercedes, Harley, BMW mc, speed boats, sailboats, jet skis,

3 acre WaterFront  private staging area on Lake Travis / Windy Point for rent. Production or party!

References upon request
brown / blue / balding
Austin, Texas
2003...The Wendell Baker Story
2003...ALAMO...Disney...John Lee Hancock, Dir. Western, Combatant
2002...The Life of David Gale...Alan Parker Dir. FBI Agent
2001...The Rookie...Disney...John Lee Hancock, Dir. Patron
2000...Ms. Congeniality...Warner Bros....Donald Petrie, Dir. Patron ,Stand In
1998...Hope Floats...Forest Whitaker, Dir. Cop
1998...Office Space... 20th Century Fox ...Mike Judge, Dir. BG
1997...Two For Texas.Turner Network...Rod Hardy, Dir Joel Crain, Combatant
1994...Texas Justice...PK Entertainment...Dick Lowery, Dir. Texas Cop
1993... Blank Check... Disney... R. Wainwright, Dir. BG, Locations
1993...A Perfect World... Warner Bros.... Clint Eastwood, Dir. Radio Sound guy
1992...Flesh and Bone...Paramount...Steven Kloves, Dir. BG
1991...Another Pair of Aces...CBS...Bill Bixby, Dir. County Coroner, Locations
1991...Ned Blessing, My Life and Times.CBS.Peter Werner, Dir. Western Gunfighter
1990...The Hot Spot Dennis Hopper, Dir. BG
1989...Robocop 2...Orion Films...Irvin Kershner, City Councilman, Stand in, Stunts
1988...Save The Dog... Disney...Paul Aaron, Dir. BG, Stunt Driver
1988...Heartbreak Hotel...Touchstone...Chris Columbus, Dir. Cop
1987...D.O.A....Touchstone...Jankel / Morton, Dirs. Observer
1986...Nadine...Tristar...Robert Benton, Dir. BG
1980...Honeysuckle Rose......Jerry Schatzberg, Dir Stage hand

Student films.....Countless...VOCk and Bobby.....Pilot
2004...Cheer Up.
2003... The Ringer

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